The benefits of chiropractic at different ages

Clyde House is home to two of the most experienced chiropractors Exeter has to offer. Our team has a great reputation for both the quality of the treatments and caring approach. This helps to put everyone at ease while they are at the clinic. It also ensures they get the best results.

Something you might not know about chiropractic is that it is not just useful for older people. In fact, there could be advantages for everyone, regardless of age. After reading this, you are probably thinking about how this form of care can assist you. Allow us to tell you about the effects of getting care at various ages.


In our 20s, most of us are relatively healthy. Yet, health changes occur often after this point. Towards our late 20s, most people start to notice a change in their health. This only advances with time. At this point in your life, chiropractic may serve a few purposes. For example, it could aid you with addressing pain issues in the neck and back. You can also get chiropractic care for preventative reasons.


With the 30s, this is the time when we typically realise that we’re ageing. You feel pain more frequently and muscle weakness becomes a reality. With chiropractic care however, you can make your body feel more comfortable. In addition, exercises will become more enjoyable for you. Exercising during this stage of your life is especially important. A healthy lifestyle here can help you for decades to come.


By the time you reach your 40s you may notice that it is harder to stay fit. Just a few days off without exercise and you may feel out of shape. Visiting the chiropractor can help. It can ease niggling aches and pains, help strengthen muscles and align your spine. This can set you up for better health overall.

At Clyde House Chiropractic Clinic, we provide patients with some of the most productive sessions. Our team doesn’t dedicate itself to one specific group. Instead we can use our skills to treat people of all ages. This makes us one of the top chiropractors Exeter has.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask us, please get in touch. We can give you advice and book an appointment for you. We always advise people that it is never too early or too late to start chiropractic.