Can I exercise straight after chiropractic treatment?

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Ask for advice

Some wonder if it’s ok to do exercises right after receiving chiropractic treatment. This comes with the risk of upsetting the work that was just done. However, regular exercise is typically part of a standard care plan. The best thing you can do is consult the chiropractor to see what they recommend. They may advise you to wait a few hours or the next day.

Your chiropractor could recommend exercise as a way of improving your treatment. It can strengthen your back too. But be mindful that you should take some precautionary measures here. It’s not advisable to do exercises straight after an adjustment. This is because your body requires time to attune to the session. Avoid exercising right after treatment if you’re recovering from injuries too. There are risks associated with this.

Don’t forget about exercising

However, it is vital you don’t abandon exercise forever. It is an essential aspect of every healthy living plan. In fact, it is useful as a form of back pain prevention. Aim for a kind of everyday aerobic exercise. Go for lower impact activities that have less of a chance of provoking back pain too. Moderate-paced walking and swimming are great examples of low impact activities. If you start experiencing muscle pain, stop exercising.

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