Is chiropractic care useful for whiplash?

For the longest time, the team at our clinic has done all it can to support the community. We are the most skilful chiropractors Exeter has to offer. In additional, we are a practice that is fully insured and registered. We always begin by getting to the root of the issue. From there, we determine what the most effective treatments would be.

Whiplash is one of the injuries we specialise in. It primarily affects the neck muscles. The injury originates from trauma due to a rapid backwards and forwards motion. It can lead to short-term neck pain and restrictions to neck movements.

The spine

When diagnosing whiplash, chiropractors check your entire spine. This happens even if you go to the clinic complaining of neck pain after experiencing trauma. The chiropractor inspects the spine because other areas might have been affected by the trauma. They will spot things like issues with joint movement, ligament injury, muscle spasm, and other problems.

To get a clear idea of your condition they may employ a technique known as motion and static palpation. These are diagnostic methods that involve touch. In addition, they’ll feel for tight and tender spots. They will see how effectively your spinal joints move too.

Minimising inflammation

During the acute stage of whiplash, chiropractors focus on minimising neck inflammation. They may use ultrasound, manual therapy and gentle stretching to help with this. Something else they could recommend that you do is place an ice pack on your neck. Another possibility would be to use a light neck support for a short while.

Eventually, the inflammation and pain will decrease. When this happens, your chiropractor can begin using manipulation techniques. These help to restore the motion of the joints within your neck.

At Clyde House Chiropractic, we treat countless patients with various complaints. To combat them, we produce a bespoke treatment plan. It works around each person’s specific situation. This way, we can help them recover as quickly as we can.

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