Don’t let neck pain and poor mobility affect your quality of life

People can be affected by neck pain for a number of reasons, whether it is poor posture, damage following a heavy impact, incorrect sleeping position, or repetitive movements. The problem can result in a drop in your quality of life, including pain and reduced range of motion.

Neck problems can be particularly troubling for people when it comes to driving. Being in charge of a vehicle requires full mobility of the neck so you can check mirrors, blind spots and the location of other road users. A diminished range of motion and pain can affect the ability of the driver, leading to increased hazards and safety concerns.

The issue may ease over time but if you don’t get the right treatment neck problems can become recurring. Chiropractic care can be used to tackle issues, helping to reduce pain, strengthen soft tissues and improving mobility. The gentle treatments they offer work well alongside the things you can do at home to improve your condition. Together they can provide fantastic results.

The great thing about seeing a chiropractor is that they can effectively diagnose the problem by doing a series of tests and asking you about your lifestyle. The information they gather is used to create the treatment plan, ensuring it is focused on helping to improve the condition. This allows the treatment to target the underlying problem rather than simply alleviating the symptoms the patient experiences.

At Clyde House Chiropractic Clinic our team of qualified chiropractors can tackle a wide range of neck issues and work with patients to improve their health. We utilise an array of different techniques, including gentle manipulation and soft tissue work. Each patient will receive the best support throughout their time with us, including information about their condition, details of the treatment and advice about lifestyle changes they can make too. If you need help from a specialist in Exeter please contact us. We are based in St. Thomas and serve clients from all across the city.