Long term relief from leg pain

When we feel pain or discomfort in a part of our body our natural instinct is to take it as fact that this is the area which needs treatment. When we, for example, have a stiff or sore neck, it would be normal for us to reach for it and gently massage it in the hope of making it less painful and more flexible. In quite a number of cases this instinct proves correct, in particular when the part of our body has been directly affected in an accident. There are, however, times when the area in which we feel pain is not where that pain is coming from.

One of the most commonly experienced examples of the above is when we suffer from leg pain. Whenever you get an uncomfortable or painful feeling in your legs it would be quite instinctive to either rub them or shake them around in the hope of easing the feeling. The sensations experienced can be anything from a numb feeling to sensing sharp, stabbing like pains. Although it’s easy to understand why the reaction to this would be to try and comfort our legs directly, quite often these painful feelings are being transmitted from the lower back.

If you stop and think about your own experiences for a moment, you should be able to recall that leg pain is normally a downwards feeling, which is to say that it feels like it spreads from your hips down towards your knees and feet. This is the pain showing us – in a sense – the point from which it’s coming. When we trace the pain to its point of origin, in the majority of cases it goes to the lower back.

People with persistent leg pain often feel that the best approach is to treat the area directly with creams, lotions or tablets. We can understand why people do this, but at best this will only deliver short term relief. What you really want is the comfort of long term relief from the pain. Our chiropractic therapy and treatment can bring this comfort to you. We’ll determine both where the pain comes from and why it’s occurring, and will provide you with the treatment you want and need to feel better.

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