Prioritising the individual needs of patients

Over the last 20 years we have built our reputation as a highly respected chiropractic clinic. We have earned our position thanks to our caring approach and the fact that our chiropractors are highly trained. They will offer personal treatments for patients across Essex and ensure they are well cared for.

Behind surgery and medicine, chiropractic treatment is the third most used method in the healthcare industry. Its non-invasive approach makes it a favourite as both a complementary and standalone service. Our clinic is unique to many that are found in the country as it offers an environment similar to one you would find in your own home rather than one you would find in a surgery. This helps to make patients feel more relaxed during their time with us.

The first step towards diagnosing your symptoms is to take a detailed history of your health, both past and current, to help narrow down the possibilities and make a definitive diagnosis. To eliminate certain conditions, orthopaedic and neurological tests may be carried out and, although they aren’t usually required, we may carry out an x-ray examination. After identifying the problem, treatment options will be discussed.

With the huge variety of patients we treat, we have to make sure that our treatments are performed extremely carefully. Patients with severe conditions and those who have experienced symptoms for a long period of time may require a more delicate touch. Chiropractic care can be beneficial for the elderly due to the weakening of ligaments, muscles and other spinal tissues. We work to provide a strategically effective and safe treatment plan. We also employ gentle techniques to aid pregnant women who suffer from back pain.

Our clinic takes every precaution to ensure that your treatment is not only effective, but also as safe as it can possibly be. We prioritise your health and well being above all else and we go the extra mile to give you the service you deserve. If you find yourself suffering from pain, contact us at Clyde House Chiropractic Clinic to arrange an appointment.