Here at Clyde House Chiropractic Clinic we’re dedicated to providing our patients with the best treatment available, we operate in a relaxed and calm environment which we find aids our patients in recovering and overall a more productive session with our chiropractors in Exeter.

Headaches & Whiplash.

Neck problems can often result in headaches and sometimes dizziness, both of which have been shown to respond to chiropractic treatment. There is also evidence that chiropractic treatment can be effective in the management of migraines. Apart from spinal manipulation we often use a variety of other techniques such as ultrasound, soft tissue work, dry needling and exercise. Rehabilitative exercises have been shown to improve the kind of headaches that are caused by neck problems.

After a car accident people often develop neck and shoulder pain and sometimes low back pain. The management of such injuries can be quite complex. Usually the earlier you seek treatment the more favourable the outcome. Like headaches we manage neck injuries through a combination of gentle spinal manipulation, soft tissues work, ultrasound, and supervised rehabilitative exercise. Pregnancy & Children.

Pregnancy & Children

Many women suffer from back pain during pregnancy and worry that chiropractic treatment will not be appropriate for them. We employ several gentle techniques which can help back pain throughout pregnancy. We have a special treatment table which enables women to lie face down even in the latter stages of pregnancy whilst being treated.

The evidence-base in the scientific literature to support chiropractic treatment for babies and children is not strong. However, many parents choose chiropractic treatment for their children / babies for a variety of conditions and it is our clinical experience that the treatment is often beneficial.

Low Back Pain

Many people come to see us for low back pain and leg pain. This is a very common condition but can be caused by several different problems, such as joints, muscles, discs or posture. When we see someone for the first time we will carefully examine the problem area and related joints to find the cause of the problem and explain what we have found. Then if chiropractic treatment is appropriate we will treat the problem using gentle manipulation, massage, ultrasound and exercises. It is often important to give advice on posture and exercise to prevent the problem returning.

Hip & and Foot Pain

People come to see us with a variety of hip, knee and foot problems sometimes as a result of injury but often from overuse or wear and tear. After careful assessment of the problem we will explain our findings and if appropriate treat with mobilising techniques, massage, ultrasound and strapping.