Treating people who have scoliosis – lateral curvature of the spine

Scoliosis is a condition which causes the spine to have an abnormal bend or curve to it. It is something which usually affects the middle and lower back, with the curve often putting extra stress on areas such as spinal discs, ligaments and muscles. Despite the fact that some 2.5% of the world’s population suffer with this condition, scoliosis is not as widely a discussed subject in respect of pain and ailments we suffer. This is something being addressed, with more knowledge and understanding of the condition being promoted both here in the UK and around the world.

To start with the global perspective, we were delighted to see the focus being placed on this condition in America. The US recently held a Scoliosis Awareness Month, with the key objectives being to promote awareness of the condition and the many ways in which it can be treated. In respect of the latter, there is an assumption by some people that it can only be addressed through surgical correction. Whilst it is true that some diagnosed cases can only be dealth with in this manner, it is often the case that chiropractic treatment – and other forms of complementary therapies – can provide relief to sufferers.

Closer to home, the Scoliosis Association of the UK provides a valuable service in promoting knowledge and understanding of the condition. They provide exceptional information and the way it can be treated, with the knowledge they share being both comprehensive and easily accessible. One of the most important aspects of this is the assurance they give sufferers about surgery not being the only option. They discuss many of the complementary therapies which are available to those diagnosed with scoliosis.

As one of the most trusted chiropractors in Exeter we have over the years provided treatment and complementary therapies to those who suffer with the condition. Whilst in some cases the only way some patients can get relief from scoliosis is via surgical intervention, we find that our treatment and therapy is of exceptional benefit, providing pain reduction for the overwhelming majority of those that we deliver our service to.